Most frequent questions and answers

Pulse Pharma Manufacturing Company is providing services of Online Marketing of products, Manufacturing of products and also providing Third-party manufacturing services, etc.

PCD meaning in Pharma is, it is a term which is used for distribution as well as marketing rights all over a region and also PCD Stands for Propaganda-Cum-Distribution.

Pulse Pharma is manufacturing products such as Tablets, Syrup, Cream, Ointment & Lotion, Soap & External Powder and Oral drops & Injections, etc. Also, it’s all products are very useful and benefit you when you will use them at the required time.

Generally Needs & Wants are depends accordingly from company to company but the following are the general requirements:


  • Drug License Number
  • GST Number and All Other Legal Documents
  • Experience in Pharma Sector
  • Connections with Doctors and Hospitals

Good Workplace and Warehouse

Pulse Pharma is providing via Rail & Road, Air, and Water by Sea transportation facility so that customers can easily get their products on time. Also, providing transportation mode according to the region if it is far then via air or it is near then via road, etc.